Saturday, June 28, 2008

WoRk & pLaY.

I spent all week working away on something I'm really excited about. I'll share more on that soon...

We are flying off to Vegas tomorrow morning for Karsh's wedding. He's getting married (by Elvis of course) on Monday.
On Wednesday Dawn and Dave are coming out from California and Brian and Michelle will be flying in as well to hang out for a couple days. We rented a car and will be driving back to Cali with them for the 4th.
I'm getting really excited to see Heather and Ali. Hopefully Heather and I can hit up a yoga class while we're out there.
Should be a fun time!

Monday, June 23, 2008


I had a yummy lunch today.

I went to an 8am yoga class
then a 9am Step class that kicked my butt.
Followed by a manicure and pedicure (have to be ready for VeGaS.)
Took Cash for a long bike ride
And now working on these little paintings for fun.
I started this painting when I was in college and never finished it so I covered it with gesso and started over a couple of days ago. It's pretty big, 5ftx4ft.

And I don't know what this guy is turning into... bright that's for sure.
It needs some toning down and then it should be close to being finished.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I had coffee with Duce yesterday.

Ross and Duce came down from Boulder so we met for coffee. Ross ran off to have breakfast with Elliot so the two of us sipped our lattes and talked and talked.

Here's a little drawing I did on fabric. The colors look a little funky but it's kinda cute.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lazy ThuRsDay**

Watered flowers.

Met Anne Marie for coffee and a walk around Wash Park this morning.

Spotted another creepo building.
And found some creepishly (huh?) good finds at the ARC on Colfax. Red plastic lace, fun vase, funny frame and the best find of the year... a Pacific Walrus drinking glass, a .99 cent steal.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Went for a drive today.
Stopped here and there to take some photos of buildings. Found quite a few creepies. Wish I would have had more time to make an afternoon out of it.


Here's a recap.. Busy Busy.
I've been putting some serious miles on the scooter. This little burn is even after I applied generous amounts of 30 spf.
I should have re-applied.
I've only had to drive my car twice since I've been out for the summer. Once in downpour rain (which feels like someone shooting your face with a bb gun.) And once when I had to carry more than the scooters recommended load of cargo (I need to outfit it with a luggage rack.)
Summer school was really great. Only 12 kids showed up for the class so it was perfect. Nice small class, over by noon and only for two weeks. We did tessellation studies of MC Escher and had a week long painting/color theory lesson on Piet Mondrian. I think the kids liked it.
And... in my spare time I've managed some serious electrical work. Okay maybe not serious but seriously all by myself.
New stove hood and...

Lights above the mantle!
Again, all by myself.
Even on a dimmer. I was so afraid of electrocuting myself I turned the power off in the whole house just to be safe. Forget about breaker by breaker, I was convinced they probably weren't labeled right and I'd be BBQ'd.

I have a couple of wild commissions I'm working on. One crazy wild thing on paper and another 5'x6'painting on canvas I will post pics of when I'm finished.

And.. this little beauty was a gift from my friend Duc. It's a letter press print on paper, it is so beautiful. I need to find the perfect frame for it. He just bought his letter press a couple of months ago and has been making some really amazing stuff.

We've been planting (thanks to Lanka)

And yesterday we had Father's Day at our house. Vito marinated a massive brisket overnight, stuffed it with bacon and smoked it for 8 hours. Ah.. it was heavenly.

Hope your enjoying jUnE. **