Thursday, February 26, 2009


I can't believe how quick this week is flying by... I love fast weeks. Vito has his work "Christmas party" this Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it... I haven't seen CarA in ages. If you haven't already, you need to check out Cara's new marriage blog..
She is great.
...more drawing last night.
**happPY ThurSdAY**

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TwO thinGs..**

The weather here in Denverland has been so amazing the last couple of days. It was in the 60's yesterday and it's been inspiring some new drawings. Duce and I have been collaborating on some really exciting things that should be taking shape here super soon.... I'll let you know the details in a bit. It's going to be really cool.
And... the two of us have 'officially' started training for a MaraThOn together. I pulled out the old schedule and got cracking! It's been so nice training with someone. We haven't ran together yet but we have been cranking out the same mileage each day, it's really been fun.If everything goes as planned we'll be ready to race the end of May and would like to do it at sea-level (here we come California.) There are a couple of really great races in Southern California that look super fun so hopefully we can make it happen. Getting back into the swing of running regularly has been so good for me, I love it so much. ...and I'm so excited to be doing it with someone else!
Hope you're having a great week.
HaPpy WednesDaY!**

Monday, February 23, 2009


Vito made it home yesterday afternoon, I missed him so much. I had quite the 'girls weekend' full of dinners, sleepovers, and even a bachelorette party. wow. I didn't get a t-shirt from SanFran but Vito did bring me back some super yummy biscotti from Stella's Pastry Cafe in little Italy on Northbeach. I ate it in bed this morning. mmmm....Besides my girlfriend blowout of a weekend... I made my own all organic face/body oil. My sister in law gave me this great book for CHristmas and it's full of all sorts of fantastic green tips and recipes that are really worth checking out. I used almond oil, geranium, lavender, rose otto and vitamin E for my concoction this weekend. I can't stop slathering it all over my face and body. Hope you had a great weekend!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


It's hard to believe that it's already Thursday. This week is really buzzing along. Vito headed off to San Francisco yesterday for a conference and won't be back until Sunday. So with last night being my first "single" night I started it off right with lots of girl time. I had tea and yummy lemon bread with Emily (my sister-in-law) downtown. Her and Curtis (v's brother) have a really cute loft downtown that is super tiny and oh so cute. It was really nice.Then... I met Han's new doggie Remington! He is so cute and wouldn't sit still long enough for a picture. Han and I went to dinner and talked the night away. And.. I came home and started a new drawing. Perfect end to an evening. And tonight... Duce is coming over! eeek! It just gets better and better.
Hope you have a lovely ThurSdAY!::

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Vito took me to Pagliacci's (in highlands) for our V-day dinner. It was delish, such great Italian food.We ate our hearts out. And I (very seriously) attacked the Tiramisu for dessert. And the best part of my weekend... Vito bought me a vintage (1934) birdcage for Valentines day!
I've wanted one for ages but just couldn't find the right one. Well he found it. We drove to quite a few pet stores on Saturday and found the perfect little finches for the cage. Meet... Bernice and Clarence. They sing sweet music together and are so stinking cute.

And yesterday (presidents day!) I baked a couple loaves of Challah bread and cleaned the house. Perfect ending to a great weekend.
HapPY TuesdAy**

Friday, February 13, 2009

HaPPy Valentines DaY!*

BiRthDaY BoWliNG**

Duc had a Birthday Bowling Party last night.
It was pretty sweet. We got our own 'private room' with a spread of more fried food than we knew what to do with.. balloons, party favors and even a tour of the back of the alley. yeah!Look at Duc.. so happy with all his favors.It was so good to see so many people from college.
Breezy. I love this shot.
(great eyes) NiKKi.Duc even personalized his bowling shoes for the big event.And all 15 of us got a tour of what happens 'behind the scenes.'
It was pretty cool.It was sooo loud back there, the machines were working away.
Well.. tomorrow is Valentines Day! yay! My sweet minx made dinner reservations somewhere but he's keeping the whereabouts a secret. rat. So.. .we'll be going to dinner somewhere fun but I won't know where until tomorrow. eek! I love/hate surprises.
I'm really looking forward to this 3-day weekend!
HapPY FriDay****

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

draWinG faBriC*

I've been doing some new drawings.
they are very springy.
I think I might frame a few of them, just black and white in a frame. I've been inspired by Amy Butlers fabric. Her patterns are so lovely and fresh..I've been looking at some fun Japanese fabric online for a little quilt. I've got the itch to sew something, bad! Even if it's just some pretty napkins.
HaPpy WedNEsday*

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I got back yesterday from Idaho.
It was a really nice trip. My parents sold the house that we all grew up in and needed help moving to their new little cabin. They lived on this mountain for 30 years. It was really sad but also really exciting to see them starting a new chapter of their lives. It looked like this the entire time I was there. Snowy and cold. I loved it. I was trying to take a picture of a bald eagle that was perched in the tree, but it's just too far away to see.I arrived Wednesday night and then spent all Thursday and Friday preparing for a massive moving sale on Saturday. This is my nephew Kale helping me price stuff. My parents cabin is completely furnished with new stuff so EVERYTHING in the house needed to be sold. The house= 3,000 sq. ft. The cabin=1,100 sq. ft.
We had A LOT to sell.We sold everything! The town has about 2300 residents and we figured over 400 people came to the sale. It was madness. People up here are crazy about sales, not quite sure why... but they are. The doors opened at 9am and at 8:45 there were about 30 cars in the driveway waiting.
This is my niece Jamie after a tough day of cookie and coffee sales. Her and my nephew Alex baked cookies the night before so that they could make some cash. They sold out.My brother found a cowboy hard hat my dad was going to sell and just couldn't see it go. It was the most hilarious thing ever seeing him walk around with it on all day. It was too small so it just sat on top of his head instead of fitting "around" his head. It was waaaay over sized. It reminded
that crazy hat Jim Carey wore in Dumb-and-Dumber.
No hard had for me but I did take this old sewing machine that was what my mom learned to sew on. I couldn't exactly carry this onto the plane so they'll be delivering this to me hopefully this Spring.
Last sunset at the old house.
My nephew Derek took this pic. He was trying to figure out how to use my camera. He did a good job! Friday was the first night at the cabin and it was a bit cramped with boxes everywhere but it was really nice sleeping by the fire. Shawna was such a help. Her and I literally worked from sun up to sun down. Pricing, selling, packing, moving, cleaning... it was great.And then... time to go.It was a long 2 1/2 hour drive to the airport, I cried just a little bit leaving. But once I got on the road I was fine.

It's always hard to leave. I always wish I could stay for just a few more days. V and I were planning on going up this summer for a few weeks but now that the cabin is occupied we might make it a shorter trip.

It was really nice to get home and see V and Cash. I missed them.

HapPY TuesdAY*

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DoGGie ParK**

We took Cassius to the cherry creek dog park on Saturday, it was really nice outside. There must have been 100 dogs frolicking around on the trail or in the water. The parking lot was packed.And while V threw the ball to Cash, I took a lot of pics.
These look a little spooky, like I pulled them out of my grandmas attic.**
HaPPy TuesdAy!**

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Kid at SchOOL...

had me pull this up.
hee hee.


I bought tickets this weekend to fly up to this
sleepy little town this Wednesday!My parents sold their house and need help moving, so I'm headed up for 6 days! Eeeek! I'm so excited! It's been super snowy up there so I'm really looking forward to being bundled up by the fire (while I'm packing boxes of course.) My sister-in-law and I have planned a big moving sale on Saturday so we need to get everything ready!
It's so beautiful up there this time of year so I'm really looking forward to taking some great photos. It will be so great to see all of my family, I can't wait!