Friday, February 13, 2009

BiRthDaY BoWliNG**

Duc had a Birthday Bowling Party last night.
It was pretty sweet. We got our own 'private room' with a spread of more fried food than we knew what to do with.. balloons, party favors and even a tour of the back of the alley. yeah!Look at Duc.. so happy with all his favors.It was so good to see so many people from college.
Breezy. I love this shot.
(great eyes) NiKKi.Duc even personalized his bowling shoes for the big event.And all 15 of us got a tour of what happens 'behind the scenes.'
It was pretty cool.It was sooo loud back there, the machines were working away.
Well.. tomorrow is Valentines Day! yay! My sweet minx made dinner reservations somewhere but he's keeping the whereabouts a secret. rat. So.. .we'll be going to dinner somewhere fun but I won't know where until tomorrow. eek! I love/hate surprises.
I'm really looking forward to this 3-day weekend!
HapPY FriDay****

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Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Enjoy your V-day dinner! Hubby's cooking a supposedly gourmet 3-course meal tomorrow, can't wait to see what we're having tomorrow ;)