Friday, January 30, 2009

YummiES with DuCE**

Duce came over last night for a little salad, wine and cheese. It was a really nice way to spend the evening. I built a fire and we talked the night away. And.. it's already FridaY! This week went by really fast.
Have a nice weekend. ***

Thursday, January 29, 2009

This is the BEsT!**

I stole this from Duce's blog.
It made my day.

NiCe NiGht**

I was home early yesterday and spent the whole evening doing things i love.
I baked a pie. took some self portraits.
and roasted a chicken(tandori-style.) yum.
Even did a bit of drawing!
Tonight I'm hanging with DuCe for a little art night.
HaPpy ThurSdaY**

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It's been super cold here the last few days.
We've been building lots of fires.Speaking of fires.. I've been firing a lot of clay in my classroom,
it has been super toasty in the mornings when I first arrive.
I love it.
HapPy WeDneSday**

Monday, January 26, 2009

HeLLo MONdAy**

We had a nice weekend. I took Friday off of work and went to lunch with le DUce at Cucina Colore in Cherry Creek. Man I love that place. Saturday I had lunch with miss Jess and that evening V and I went to Curtis and Emily's place for dinner. And last night.. we went to Joe and Christi's for pizza and to watch the Nuggets game. Pretty much just a fun time all weekend. I cleaned the house yesterday but other than that, it was all spent with friends. perfect.And... my new medium. ClAY! I'm doing clay with all the kids in class (footed bowls, coil pots, turtles, pinch pots...) it's non stop! So I started making my own little rock/thing creations. 28 of them to be exact and counting. I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do with them because I'm still making them. I still need to glaze them (shiny white) but I'm thinking I'll either hang them all together on some twine or wire.. or cluster them together on a wall in our bedroom. They've been really fun to make.
HapPy MoNdAY!**

Thursday, January 22, 2009

ACtionS* ACtionS**

I have been playing like mad with some new actions I downloaded a few days ago (from thepioneerwoman). Duce and I didn't get a chance for a photo shoot so I decided to play with some photos CaRa took a few months ago.
HapPY ThursDay!
I've been working with a new medium for the last few weeks and just finished a fun project. I'll try to take some photos today to post.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ahhh WeeKeNDs... I love you**

I had the best weekend. I stayed the night with Duce on Friday and we had a ball. Her cute little carriage house is so stinking cute, I wanted to move in. We went to this crazy Mexican restaurant close to her house that had a larger than life size Santa in the corner. Look at the size of this thing... it's touching the ceiling. I want one for my house, it was hilarious.
We stayed up talking most the night at didn't get to bed until after 2! It was great. The next morning we slept in and did a little flea market shopping after lunch. It was lovely.
HaPpy TuesDay!

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's LaTe LaTE..

and I'm spending the night with my favorite friend>>>>

I LoVe her so so much and am so happy to be with her tonight.
(photobooth is my new friend)

This MiNx...

left last night for a 4 day snowboard/snowmobile trip up in the mountains. So... in all my singleness, I'm spending the night with..
MiSS Scarlet. "the killer"We have a big night planned! Duce has a yummy Mexican restaurant (with delish margaritas) a couple blocks from her house were hitting up tonight. And shoot!
Hope you have a hapPY WeeKeND!
I'll be back with photos tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ScOnes & JeLLy BeAns**

This morning was 'dAy 3' of having a scone for breakfast. mmm::sitting at the table sipping coffee before work is just about the best way to spend a morning. Well... doing it a few hours later would be even nicer.
And the ultimate highlight of my week so far:::::
feeding the kids at school nasty flavored jelly beans and having them guess the flavors.
It's hard to read here but the flavors include...
rotten egg, ear wax, booger, moldy cheese, baby wipes, and my favorite Vomit. mmm.. love that.
It's been quite the crowd pleaser.
You can pick up a box of these sweet dreams at Target.
I'm thinking about putting a bowl of these treats in the teachers lounge. mmm..
HapPY WedNEsday**

Monday, January 12, 2009


I finally took down the Christmas decorations on Saturday and now the house feels bare. I gave the house a good clean and got fairly caught up on laundry, it was a nice weekend.Cassius sat at the top of the steps and watched me remove every single ornament. statue dog.These ornaments get their own special box. V's grandma gave me all of her old old ornaments and I LOVE them. The little tulip and grape ornaments she had when she was a kid.And Sunday night I baked some yummy blueberry scones (with extra blueberries). V and I were planning on eating them together for b-fast this morning but the power went off and we couldn't make any coffee. So...we took our scones to-go. It's snowing like crazy outside this morning, I was hoping they would cancel school. But here I am, at least I have coffee.
EnJoy your MoNdAY!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Twice this week I hung with the Han.
I stayed at her house last night and saw the most amazing sunrise as I was driving to work this morning.It was so beautiful. It was the first time I used the camera while driving (not recommended). Hope your weekend is HaPpy**
I STILL have Christmas decorations to take down so that will be taking up some time tomorrow. Other than that, time for some serious reLaXinG.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I love tHiS girl.
I had a nice couple of hours with her last night.
Hope your week is buzzing along...
I can't believe that it's already Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

GoOd-ByE CaRpET**

Over my little holiday break we put new bamboo floors in our living room. My job was to remove carpet, padding, and prepare the floors for the wood. V's job.. well, he did everything else. I initially thought that the whole "carpet removal process" would take just a few hours. But then, I ripped up the fake purgo floor and found TILE. EEeeek!!I then spend the next two days chiseling away nasty yellow stained tile. double yuck. After what felt like an eternity of ripping out staples and tack strips, V took over and made things look beautiful.The last little piece. YaY! And.. instead of buying each other gifts this year, we bought new furniture. It was delivered Christmas Eve!

Ta-dA! I love it. Now I'm ready to do the rest of the house. Well, not quite yet... but soon hopefully.

HAppY TuesDAy**

Monday, January 5, 2009

ChRistMAs ReCaP*

I took a few pics during the holiday and figured if I didn't put them on soon I never would, so here we go again with a photo blow out two days in a row.I knit a few pairs of mittens and printed some cards.I tried to make the bathroom look Christmasy. Is an elephant saying 'Merry Christmas' festive?? not sure.
Had all of V's fam over for Christmas day, it was really nice.
Lots of food.
Lots of presents.Lots of baking.
.. and lots of cleaning up the next day. Have you ever baked Challah bread?? It's my new favorite to bake. I made these this weekend and they were absolutely delish! Surprisingly delish the next day as well, still moist. We had Jess and Matt over for dinner Saturday, the bread was a hit. If anyone wants the recipe send me an e-mail and I'll type it up for you.
HaPPy Monday**