Tuesday, January 6, 2009

GoOd-ByE CaRpET**

Over my little holiday break we put new bamboo floors in our living room. My job was to remove carpet, padding, and prepare the floors for the wood. V's job.. well, he did everything else. I initially thought that the whole "carpet removal process" would take just a few hours. But then, I ripped up the fake purgo floor and found TILE. EEeeek!!I then spend the next two days chiseling away nasty yellow stained tile. double yuck. After what felt like an eternity of ripping out staples and tack strips, V took over and made things look beautiful.The last little piece. YaY! And.. instead of buying each other gifts this year, we bought new furniture. It was delivered Christmas Eve!

Ta-dA! I love it. Now I'm ready to do the rest of the house. Well, not quite yet... but soon hopefully.

HAppY TuesDAy**


HINT Jewelry Design said...

Wow a lot of work, but looks like it was worth the effort. Love the look of bamboo :)

Nick and Melissa said...