Monday, January 12, 2009


I finally took down the Christmas decorations on Saturday and now the house feels bare. I gave the house a good clean and got fairly caught up on laundry, it was a nice weekend.Cassius sat at the top of the steps and watched me remove every single ornament. statue dog.These ornaments get their own special box. V's grandma gave me all of her old old ornaments and I LOVE them. The little tulip and grape ornaments she had when she was a kid.And Sunday night I baked some yummy blueberry scones (with extra blueberries). V and I were planning on eating them together for b-fast this morning but the power went off and we couldn't make any coffee. So...we took our scones to-go. It's snowing like crazy outside this morning, I was hoping they would cancel school. But here I am, at least I have coffee.
EnJoy your MoNdAY!

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hether said...

ahhh! I just read up to 20 postings, they were such a relaxing and satisfying read.. i could just hear you reading them to me :) I miss you!! and send me your scone recipe, and your challah bread recipe...and any others..:) loveya!!