Thursday, November 11, 2010

QuiEt AfteRnOOn with friends...

Last Saturday the weather was amazing (considering it's almost mid November,) it was in the 70's! We met some friends for some early evening apps and it was such a strange feeling to sit in front of open patio doors and not be freezing cold! I'm thinking it was probably the last warm evening we're going to be experiencing for quite some time. It snowed two inches last night. Goodbye Fall...
Time for a new season!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

IdaHo in the FaLL

We took a trip up to Idaho to see my family over my Fall break a couple of weeks ago and it was super restful. The landscape was so pretty and it was really nice to get out of Denver for a week.

My parents just finished building a guest cabin that is actually just a super mini version of the cabin that they live in. We were their first "guests" and we fell in LOVE. It was really cozy, perfect for the two of us... and Cassius of course.Every morning we would wake up, build a fire, sip our coffee and stare out the windows at the cool Fall fog.. just typing this makes me wish I was still there. In the past we've stayed in my parents cabin, which is nice, but really cramped. It was so great having our own tiny space to hang out in.We built tons of fires, drank plenty of warm beverages, went for LONG walks and got TONS of sleep.Cassius was in heaven. We also celebrated Thanksgiving with my family while we were up there so it was a lovely week full of turkey and pie. I spent some fun time with my mom and her friends... listening to my mom and her friends is so funny. They all get together a few times a week for lunch or coffee and "cluck away..." as I like to call it, chattering up a storm. It's really funny and cute and makes me wish I lived closer to join them more often.We also went to the ONLY really great restaurant in town with my fam the night before we left... super yummy.We did manage to peel ourselves away from the fire a few times to do a little EXPLORING! One of our favorite things to do while we are up there is find old abandoned properties waaaaaay up in the middle of nowhere and poke around. We found some dandies this time...
This place was so freaking creepy.
Whoever lived here with their family should be on the show 'Hoarders.' Piles and piles of stuff everywhere. We always leave asking ourselves so many questions... "who were these people?" "where are they now?" "Why is their stuff EVERYWHERE!?" "Why would someone live up here??" No running water, no electricity, no neighbors.. just really really long winters. Creepy.
Spoooooky to visit this place a few days before Halloween. Eeek!
It was a really great visit especially knowing that I won't be up again until summer... wish I could visit every season.
It was a great break. xo