Thursday, August 28, 2008

BiRdS for FaLL...

Last night I put a few new goodies in my EtSY ShOP.

BirDs, biRds and more BirDs..

Vito and I are meeting some friends downtown tonight to check out the convention. Hopefully spot some celebrities and watch people get pepper sprayed and arrested. Okay not really, but it should be one big fun fiasco.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

LaTe ToniGHt....

I'm doing an EtSy Update!
I have quite a few new little treats to share. Swing back by to see!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is it too EaRLy??

Is it too early to say Fall is coming??
I'm not sure if I'm just dreaming but it seems as though it's getting cool and brisk at night..
It's almost September..
isn't that when leaves start to change?
I hope so.
Last night I was cold.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I received this cute cute little drawing from a second grader a couple weeks ago.
I fell in love with it and want to cross-stitch it onto a t-shirt, blanket or dishtowel, I think it's so stinking cute. I love the cracked egg.

And since receiving it I've gone nuts for birds.
Even started a project with 4th graders studying birds in their habitat. I found an incredible website full of all of John James Audubon's bird paintings, they are absolutely wonderful. Turns out he would shoot the birds and position them with wire to paint them, guess there weren't any cameras in the late 1700's.

All that to say... I'll be having another Etsy update sometime soon,

with lots of BiRdS!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ShE CooKs!

After Cara's Spedini post yesterday I was inspired. I didn't attempt the spedini but I made some yummy carrot and turkey meatballs (baked not fried) with whole wheat pasta. I might have to try this is a couple of weeks when our tomatoes are ripe and ready, right now they are way too green. I did, however, get to use the Basil and Cilantro from our garden.
Delicious and healthy.
Unless you eat 5 bowls of it like I did, then it's not so good for you.

Monday, August 18, 2008

CamPinG in a GhOsT ToWn is nOt for WimPs...

Our much anticipated 3 day camping trip to Gilman with Heather and Ali finally happened. We didn't expect snow, rain and hail, but that didn't stop us.
It took us 3 tries to get through Eisenhower tunnel but we made it and survived.
Day 1- Tunnel was closed due to poor weather conditions (lots of snow,)
so we turned around and stayed the night in Idaho Springs.
Day 2- Tried again and got about 2 miles from the tunnel and Vito's car died. We coasted all the way back down the mountain, rented a car and drove back up.
By the time we hiked all the way into Gilman the weather was clearing up.
But once the sun went down a storm set it and boy was it scary, so much thunder. We didn't bring a tent so we ended up sleeping in a rat infested house to stay dry. All the windows were broken in the house but it kept us protected from the crazy rain and hail.

We rummaged through an old bank, doctors office (medical records and x-rays everywhere), bowling alley, a hotel and about 30 houses.

This desk was in the bank, files still in the drawers. I don't think it's the healthiest working environment. yuck.
This was our home sweet home for the night. Vito woke up in the middle of the night because he heard something above his head.. he turned on his headlamp and saw a rat the size of a small child scurry across the floor. eek!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I put some new goodies in my EtSY ShOp this morning. Go have a look!

WinE and GuAc??

yes... because on your Birthday you can eat
whatever strange food pairing combos you desire.

It was a nice birthday celebrating weekend. Friday night we had a big steak dinner and watched a couple movies. Saturday night we went to a fabulous French restaurant in downtown Littleton for dinner, where they serve (just recently legal in the U.S.) Absinth.
We left with both ears still fully intact and our bellies full of deliciousness.
A very relaxing birthday weekend, and it wasn't even my birthday.

And... an etsy update later today!

Friday, August 8, 2008

It's sOmeOneS......

Vito is 32!
He comes home today from his week long camping adventure
in the wild wild wilderness.

So I baked him a pie (strawberry rhubarb) and bought him a barrel.

Looking forward to a long birthday celebrating weekend.
... and survived my first week back to school.

Happy Friday.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

LunCh on the GrAss**

I didn't actually eat my lunch outside on the grass but I did go for a little stroll in the green grass at lunch. It's so pretty outside today.

But it's soooo hot!

Inside though... nice and air conditioned

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

IT's ThaT tiMe AgaIn...

The kids are back to school.
I think this is the second year I've taken a picture of crayons on the first day. They look so nice and smell so yummy.
Won't look like this for long.

Spent the weekend doing a little of my own artwork and am working on some new goods for my etsy shop.

And... helped Vito pack for another week long camping extravaganza. He'll be gone all week and gets back on Friday. Any guesses at what this colorful deliciousness might be? Dehydrated peppers and onion.
He dehydrated all kinds of goodies so his meals would be a
little more satisfying than last time.
I'd pass on the peppers.
Although after a week in the wilderness I'm sure even tree bark can start to look appetizing.

Happy Tuesday.