Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ShE CooKs!

After Cara's Spedini post yesterday I was inspired. I didn't attempt the spedini but I made some yummy carrot and turkey meatballs (baked not fried) with whole wheat pasta. I might have to try this is a couple of weeks when our tomatoes are ripe and ready, right now they are way too green. I did, however, get to use the Basil and Cilantro from our garden.
Delicious and healthy.
Unless you eat 5 bowls of it like I did, then it's not so good for you.

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cara harjes said...

yumm yumm!

i went to beatrice and woodsley last night . . . loved the atmosphere . . . but didn't dig the menu so much. but i would hand out there and wash my hands in the bathroom (so cool!) any day of the week!