Tuesday, August 5, 2008

IT's ThaT tiMe AgaIn...

The kids are back to school.
I think this is the second year I've taken a picture of crayons on the first day. They look so nice and smell so yummy.
Won't look like this for long.

Spent the weekend doing a little of my own artwork and am working on some new goods for my etsy shop.

And... helped Vito pack for another week long camping extravaganza. He'll be gone all week and gets back on Friday. Any guesses at what this colorful deliciousness might be? Dehydrated peppers and onion.
He dehydrated all kinds of goodies so his meals would be a
little more satisfying than last time.
I'd pass on the peppers.
Although after a week in the wilderness I'm sure even tree bark can start to look appetizing.

Happy Tuesday.


Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

this time of year i always want to buy a new box of crayons. i love the way they smell.

HINT Jewelry Design said...

Ah my first love...crayons. There is something so yummy about a new pack, all fresh and willing to used!