Thursday, May 28, 2009

BiG WiNNeR!!!!!**!**!*!*!

Heidi Klum called me yesterday afternoon....and told me that I'm the big winner! yip yip!!
I was so excited! So apparently my back plate design will be sold in all of the stores that sell the LG Rumor 2 cellphone. eek!
here's my design. These are the designs the other girls created.

how exciting!

When the little reality show is available for viewing I will definitely let you know. I can't wait to watch it. We are headed off to California this weekend for my marathon so I get to see a little preview of the show while I'm out there.

Thank you so much for all of your support and super sweet comments!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My Summer break has officially started! yea! We've been working in the yard a lot on the weekends. We planted the garden a couple weeks ago and things are already starting to pop up here and there. I'll show you some pics once things start growing a bit more. Things are really starting to green up and the days haven't been too hot so it's been the perfect temp to work outside. But husband (who has more hobbies than I do) is mastering cheese making. This mozzarella only took him about 30 minutes and it was amazing. He also spent ALL DAY Sunday making Gouda that will age for a good 6 months in the basement. And other hobbies... he's now using oak barrels for his wine. I think he's got a whopping 250 bottles of wine aging in the basement. So.. we'll be having a lot of wine and cheese parties at our house this summer.My friend AnneMarie and I enjoyed the fruits of his labor..

In other NeWS...
I should get a call from HeiDi this afternoon if I'm the big back plate winner. I will keep you posted! I'm really excited.
Enjoy your Wednesday.
Thanks for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm HOme*

Wow. Thank you ALL so much for you encouragement, I really enjoyed reading all of your comments. My trip was amazing and unfortunately I only took 4 pictures the entire trip. It was so busy. Friday morning a driver picked me up at 7.30 am (with coffee just the way I like it) and I didn't get back to the hotel until 11.30 that night. This hotel was amazing, really beautiful.Both days were so long... but it was so fun. This was the first picture I snapped around midnight my first night there after a full day of shooting. On Friday the other 3 designers and I were filmed "getting inspired" for our back plate at different locations around orange county. Massive film crews, camera men, sound men, light dudes, hair and make-up cute girl (below), so many people. This cute girl was putting makeup on my face every 15 seconds, this shiny spot, that shiny spot. It was ridiculous. Saturday was another ridiculously long day of filming us "in the studio" designing our plates and presenting them to Heidi. It was wild, I was waited on hand and foot, "would you like some water, coffee, a sandwich, are you cold??"

I should know within a couple of weeks which plate Heidi chooses as her fav. I can't show you my design until then but I think it's really cute. I met so many amazing people and learned so much. As soon as the show is available for viewing I will definitely post a link. I can't wait to see it...

I spent all Sunday with these two favorite people. Ali and I went for a great run Sunday morning, we enjoyed a yummy lunch together and I flew home (after missing my first flight) Sunday night.
I was so happy to be home, it felt like I was gone for ages. Thanks so much for being so sweet, I had such a great time. xo

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Winner WiNNer>>>
Last week I submitted a video audition to be on Heidi Klum's design team. Apparently she is working with LG to create interchangeable back plates for the new LG Rumor 2 cellphone. I took Monday off of work to make and submit a little video of myself talking about my artwork, style, inspiration, etc. Well... I got a call yesterday that I am one of the final 4 chosen to be on her design team. eeeeek! So.. they are flying me out to LA this Thursday (yes, in 2 days) and I will spend the weekend designing my own back plate. Apparently it's her own little reality design show. If if if she ends up choosing my design, it will be mass produced in all of the stores. Can you believe this!!!??!?!? I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. So.. I've been drawing away. I will be presenting my back plate design to her this Saturday. oh my. My other little "big adventure" surprise is on the back burner for a couple of weeks, things are a little crazy here!
Aside from all this crazy greatness I've been wrapping up the school year, I only have 5 days left. Oh, have any of you read this book? My book club is reading it... it's amazing.
Cassius wanted to say hi. "hi"

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bad BlOgger** New AdventurE....>>

I've been a bad bad blogger lately... because I've been working on something ToP Top secret..
I can't let it leak yet.. but SOon SoON!
next week!
Come back and see.>>