Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My Summer break has officially started! yea! We've been working in the yard a lot on the weekends. We planted the garden a couple weeks ago and things are already starting to pop up here and there. I'll show you some pics once things start growing a bit more. Things are really starting to green up and the days haven't been too hot so it's been the perfect temp to work outside. But husband (who has more hobbies than I do) is mastering cheese making. This mozzarella only took him about 30 minutes and it was amazing. He also spent ALL DAY Sunday making Gouda that will age for a good 6 months in the basement. And other hobbies... he's now using oak barrels for his wine. I think he's got a whopping 250 bottles of wine aging in the basement. So.. we'll be having a lot of wine and cheese parties at our house this summer.My friend AnneMarie and I enjoyed the fruits of his labor..

In other NeWS...
I should get a call from HeiDi this afternoon if I'm the big back plate winner. I will keep you posted! I'm really excited.
Enjoy your Wednesday.
Thanks for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it. :)


Hannah said...

CONGRATS AGAIN TAm. So proud of you. V and I need to talk cheese making, it has been my thing lately too. See you tomorrow!


hint said...

Yahoo!! Summer break. Love all your summer hobbies. Enjoy the deliciousness of your time to yourself. Good luck with the contest, my fingers are crossed!

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Wow, homemade wine and cheese, I'm impressed :) And good luck w/ the contest!

Artfulife said...

Oh how fun that your Summer has officially begun. How awesome that your hubby makes wine and cheese. I am crossing my fingers for your image being picked. By the way, thanks for your compliment on my photos.