Monday, September 24, 2007

*flag football, bang trim, new shoes**

Vito played in a flag football tournament on Saturday that lasted a good 6 hours. Cassius and I laid in the shade all day and watched, it was so relaxing.
Perfect fall windy day.
V was so stiff on Sunday he could hardly walk. I don't think Cash has been pet that much in his life so he was exhausted from all the attention.
Nice relaxing weekend.
Wednesday we are headed off to California for a wedding so we have a sHoRT work week. Today is my Thursday, tomorrow is my Friday. Yay! ...and it's really only MonDAy!

Did you know that this is what's inside a baseball?
I didn't.
Cassius was flossing all day.

Monday, September 10, 2007

It's MoNdAY and Feels like FaLL**

Back to work after a very very nice weekend.
BBQ on Friday, Movie at the Drive-In on Saturday.
On Sunday..
Football, some cleaning, new polish and some overdue reorganizing.

Lastnight was the first night in months that we couldn't sleep with the window's open, too chilly.
I love fall, wet and drizzily.
Makes me feel like making some soup.