Monday, September 10, 2007

It's MoNdAY and Feels like FaLL**

Back to work after a very very nice weekend.
BBQ on Friday, Movie at the Drive-In on Saturday.
On Sunday..
Football, some cleaning, new polish and some overdue reorganizing.

Lastnight was the first night in months that we couldn't sleep with the window's open, too chilly.
I love fall, wet and drizzily.
Makes me feel like making some soup.


Cara said...

love that pick of your kitchen window!

amyabrink said...

TAMARA!!!! the big day is here! well, how does it feel? i'm so glad we get to share this day! love you, amy

Francis said...

You sound like some one here in my home. Someone who loves fall. I'm a Spring and Summer babe myself. Love you pics.