Wednesday, February 11, 2009

draWinG faBriC*

I've been doing some new drawings.
they are very springy.
I think I might frame a few of them, just black and white in a frame. I've been inspired by Amy Butlers fabric. Her patterns are so lovely and fresh..I've been looking at some fun Japanese fabric online for a little quilt. I've got the itch to sew something, bad! Even if it's just some pretty napkins.
HaPpy WedNEsday*


please sir said...

WOW - they look great - yes frame them!!

LENORENEVERMORE said... Japanese fabric too vintage obi is an inspiration! Anyhow, I'm not sure if you know this co =

check it out, I had the link on my blog... have fun beautiful!

amanda said...
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ducey said...

uh, hello, I looove these! Are you working this weekend? When can we get together to draw and play with color and chat??

HINT Jewelry Design said...

Love, love, love Amy Butler :)

cara harjes said...

i have thought for some time now that you should design fabric. seriously. i think this could be a bold career move for yoU! ;)

Claire, said...

no offense to Ms Butler but your drawings are way BETTER! I'm my never to be humble opinion. Would love to see them printed on fabric... I love black and white fabric and I always try to buy it if I find some--hard to come by a nice black and white pattern.