Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Vito took me to Pagliacci's (in highlands) for our V-day dinner. It was delish, such great Italian food.We ate our hearts out. And I (very seriously) attacked the Tiramisu for dessert. And the best part of my weekend... Vito bought me a vintage (1934) birdcage for Valentines day!
I've wanted one for ages but just couldn't find the right one. Well he found it. We drove to quite a few pet stores on Saturday and found the perfect little finches for the cage. Meet... Bernice and Clarence. They sing sweet music together and are so stinking cute.

And yesterday (presidents day!) I baked a couple loaves of Challah bread and cleaned the house. Perfect ending to a great weekend.
HapPY TuesdAy**

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XUE said...

Bernice & Clarence look great in their fancy cage! Yummy bread too- I could almost smell it from here!