Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Prints!

I put some new prints in my ETSY shop this afternoon. Experimented with putting a little texture behind one of these prints. fun. Go take a looksie. Happy Tuesday!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ahhh.. summer.

Well this has pretty much been the best summer ever... I spent 6 weeks in Idaho visiting my fam. Our friends Heather and Ali came up for a couple weeks of relaxation and after they left Vito's parents came up for a long weekend. It was really great being able to show them around and for them to see where I grew up.

The weather was really nice. Not too hot... not too cool. A few rainy days but overall just perfect.Odell totally loved it. Loved going for long walks, boating around, getting held every second...When I came back I still had a couple weeks off before I went back to school. Odell played his first of many games of rummy with Curtis and Emily (V's bro and sis-n-law). And we took our first ride in their RIDICULOUSLY cool newly restored VW bus. They've spent the last 2 years getting this dream up and running. Let me tell you... it's amazing!They did so much work to this thing and it is really beautiful. Odell even loved it. I think he was mostly excited about not being in his car seat... but excited nonetheless.I started back to work last week.. it's been quite the adjustment. It's been nice though to finally have some structure and routine to my days. Odell's done a great job with the adjustment... seems happy as usual. How is your summer?? xo