Friday, February 15, 2008

SpEciAL NiGHt.

Lastnight Vito made some yummy honey almond pork deliciousness, it was divine! Such a romantic evening at the house. Crackling fire, a bottle of wine, good food, yummy desert and some great presents. It was so nice to just stay in and spend time together, just the two of us.

I put together a little book for Vito of all of the e-mails we sent eachother when we first met. It was so fun to read all of them (and to clean out my inbox). Over a 4 month period there were over 200 e-mails. I took all of the best ones and put them in a mini album.
Cara, does this count as my first scrapbook? or does a scrapbook require pics?

And look what I got! Finally, the phone of my dreams. I'll be playing with this all weekend.


Nick & Melissa said...

that is such a great gift idea with the e-mail thing!!! I might have to steal that for Nick sometime soon. :)

Cara said...

friend, you have officially scrapbooked.
how does it feel?

Francis said...

wow! nice phone for the text/email queen. i know, u want to trade w/me, but i really like red these days!!Nice! xoxo