Monday, April 7, 2008

ApriL 7th

I had a really nice weekend.
I ran the Platte River Half Marathon yesterday and it felt really really good. I ran it just under 2 hours. 1:56. If I could do that twice (at the marathon) it would be fantastic, but I'm sure I'll slow down a lot the second half. We'll see. I run 20 miles in a couple weeks (for my long run on Sat) so that should give me a better idea of what my time will look like for the race. I just want to finish the dang thing so I'm not sure why I'm wanting to keep track. This might be my first and last marathon, who knows. I know that my body starts to hate me at about mile 12, everything starts to hurt.

I was reading about these crazy pro marathon runners and they run hundreds of miles a week. I can't imagine, I don't know how their bodies can handle that.

ANyWay, also got the front yard cleaned up yesterday. And woke up to snOW! When will it ever stop? Happy Monday.

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Cara said...

a half marathon?
i am so proud!
so so so proud!
nicely done, tammers!