Monday, December 1, 2008

DeceMBeR 1**

The weekend was great.
We checked into the hotel and spent all day Saturday relaxing downtown.

My friends Philippe and Nick met us at the Cruise room before the show. These two boys are quite the characters. Philippe has a degree in civil engineering and his dad is a rocket scientist. How cool would it be to tell people your dad 'is a rocket scientist'. so cool.
And Nick.. he makes this furniture for Newell Design.He has a bunch of pieces he's working on right now that will soon get shipped off to the Trump hotel in Dubai.We had a great time with them at the show and slept really well at the hotel. I spent the next morning knitting and drinking coffee.I finished a pair of mittens!Then spent the rest of Sunday watching football with V's parents (6 hours actually.) We were laughing that we ate Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at the same place. We meet V's parents every Sunday to watch the games but usually it's just for a couple of hours, not a full day. It was fun.
I didn't finish the painting.
Hopefully tonight.
HaPPy MoNdaY!


cara harjes said...

yeah! so glad you had a great great great weekend! i love little hotel get-aways downtown . . . so smooochie and romantic! yeah!


Great time! Your post makes me want to smile & are so blessed ;) Happy December dear!