Thursday, July 16, 2009

YaRd SaLe sCoRE!**

I picked up these really cute super old glass bottles earlier this week. 25 cents each! yeah! And.. bought that vintage doily tea towel for 7 bucks!I also finished this painting for my mom's bedroom. She has a lot of rich warm colors in there and it fits the room just right. Hope you're having a lovely day. Everyone is coming over tonight for dinner. With my brothers and their kids.. we'll have a cabin full of 17 people. Fortunately most of them are under the age of 11 so it doesn't feel as cramped as it sounds. Should be fun. :)


Artfulife said...

Hope you guys have a blast! Can you stand that quilt & it's cuteness? I was just floored when she sent it. So sweet. I'm a little attached, however one of these days I promise to send a little something your way. Hugs & hope you have a fun weekend.

shane rocket said...

I want one close (colors do not matter)to the one you just painted for your mom!!!! that design of yours is top notch my fav!!! like the phone cover...:) give me a price. :) i just threw some doilies away... "oops" I will send them your way if I find some more.... :)

cara harjes said...

love that painting, girl!
did you do the tiny cabin one too?

looking forward to seeing you soon.