Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"You know it's a good show when you don't have time to take pics.."

The show was fantastic. I didn't take any pictures until everyone started leaving. Almost everything sold... 15 paintings and almost 25 prints sold! I only have 3 paintings to take home at the end of the month. I started to get nervous at about 6.15pm, is was storming bad and no one had shown up yet. But then... people started rolling in. They kept coming and coming. We figured over 120 people came, it was really fantastic. It felt like my wedding reception, and I was exhausted by the end of the night. Duce was my life saver, she helped with so many details. She's such an amazing friend. These two played some really great music, everyone loved them. (As you can see pics didn't get taken until they were packed up and ready to get home.) Everything went by like a blur..
It was such a success! I met some really great new friends, had such a nice time.I'm really looking forward to taking some good pics at the end of them month before I tear everything down. Thanks so much for all of your sweet calls and e-mails. It was a fantastic night. :) xo


mairedodd said...

woo - hoo! hurray for you! what wonderful validation for you of the uniqueness and beauty of your art... i wouldn't have been able to resist if i had been there either! :0)

hether rose said...

wow, hottie! you looked gorgeous...who noticed the art? :) i love that dress!

Alex Mason said...

I'm so glad you had a great show!! xx