Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm aLiVE! ..and on fall break..

I have the whole week off of work! I've emerged from the basement (from painting) only a few times. I'm getting so much done, wish I could just spend everyday painting and not have to go to work. :)

I've realized that I really love getting things in the mail. It seems like every few weeks I'm ordering something online so that for a few seconds it feels like Christmas when I open the mailbox. example... new curtains! We woke up this morning to 6 inches of fresh snow. Cassius doesn't know what to think. So he's just been sitting and watching. He will stick his head out the doggy door and just look around, won't even go out. Just starring.
I had a great evening with Duce on Monday night... she cooked an amazing dinner and we drank great wine.
After dinner I found myself having a hard time concentrating on our conversations because I was too busy taking photos. Looks like I was trying to document some sort of house tour. I couldn't help it! Her place is so stinking cute. She really is amazing with color, and she put chalkboard paint on the bathroom wall! genius. She reupholstered her vintage furniture. Look, my painting.
And I'm totally stealing this frame idea in her room. She is so great and has been such a help with this show coming up.
Vito is taking me out for a little suprise date tonight! Should be fun. hope you have a lovely Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Couldn't ReSiST**

Just bought these. I was supposed to be doing a little holiday shopping on Etsy but got sucked into buying a few holiday treats for myself. Isn't etsy the best.

I have fall break coming up and I'm so looking forward to getting some serious painting done. All next week off to paint, draw, sew and create.
..and perhaps blog again! I just haven't had the itch.. hopefully I'll get it back soon!
HaPpy TuesdAY*

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The funeral was yesterday morning and it was good, but really sad. I've spent so much time with V's family the last 6 days and it's been really nice.

Last night, V's brother Curtis had a show at Dazzle and we all went to watch. He did a really great job.
Don't they look alike? It was a sweet way to end a sad day. I'm back to work today.. hopefully I'll be feeling a bit more 'normal' soon. Really ready for the weekend. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

It's QuiEt arouND HeRe..**

Vito's grandfather passed away last week so things have been a bit quiet around here. Time seems to have stopped while we've been spending every free minute with his family. I feel really out of sorts.
It's been really really nice spending so much one on one time with his family but also a bit draining.
My parents were in town last weekend and we had a really lovely time with them.Drank lots of coffee, listened to funny stories, ate yummy food and took them to see a really great show at Curious Theatre. They had a really nice time and I was really sad to see them leave on Monday. Duce made it over for a little much needed dinner and art critique. I felt quite inspired after she left and am now motivated to finish some paintings.I'm not sure if I'll be posting again this week.. I'm spending a lot of time with this boy. Hope you have a great week.