Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ParTy and PaiNt!

Michael's was having a sale on spray paint! What exactly will I be using this on...hmm.. not quite sure. But when spray paint is $1.99 in the clearance bin I must purchase! This last weekend was Vito's staff Christmas party (yes I know it's not December.) This is their 5th year and each year it gets bigger and better! We had a great dinner at Breckenridge Brewery and then EVERYONE went out afterwards to sing karaoke.
Him and Whitney have done such an amazing job at bringing on really great people, it's such a fun group.
It was a late night but oh so fun!
I spent the rest of the weekend editing some photos from a little photo shoot on Saturday. I'll post them soon! HappY TuesDAY!


mairedodd said...

you are the best ... i love the new prints... have fun with the paints!

Alexandra Mason said...

Love your new prints :) xx

mairedodd said...

p.s. how are you?