Monday, April 12, 2010

BiRthDay and GooDbyE.

Vito was in Vegas for the weekend so I had a total girl blowout of a weekend. Breakfast dates, Lunch dates, dinner dates, coffee dates.. really great. I had a really sweet lunch with this fav friend on Saturday. Duce is leaving next week to spend 4 months traveling for fun in Africa. She's amazing. I'm already missing her and she hasn't even left yet. We had a fun much needed couple of hours together. Sunday evening V flew home in time to make it to a friends 60th birthday party. It was by far the best birthday celebration I've ever been to. Live music, great food, and hour and a half long show dedicated to the birthday girl. Hundreds of people. It was super sweet. I've really been enjoying this nice weather! It's so great to wake up hearing the birds chirping. HOpe you're having a great week. xo



xoxoKrysten said...

Looks like you have been having some great fun, yay to that!

Brianna! said...

your weekend looks like it was FANTASTIC...Mine was too:) and Im patiently waiting for the upcoming weekend too!!


lumikha said...

4 months for fun in Africa!? that's pretty sweet! and i totally agree with the birds, i set-up the hammock and i cannot wait to drink some wine and rock rock rock...soon! :)

lumikha said...
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