Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm illustrating a children's book..

 I was asked to illustrate a children's book and I thought I'd share a couple pages. I'm hoping to have it done soon.. the story is really cute, it's called 'This House Needs A Mouse'.
 I blocked out the words on these two finished pages... but you get the idea.
I was doing so so good for a few weeks, cranking out pages like crazy and then I just hit a wall. I have a few days off of work next week so hopefully I'll get a lot done. Now that Odell is crawling all over it's hard to get anything done in the evenings. But so far... I like it. What do you think?????


mairedodd said...

oh, silly mama - don't be hard on yourself... now that baby has the power of locomotion, life is just one big adventure!

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Monica said...

Volevo solo dirti che mi piacciono molto i tuoi disegni... anche io illustro libri, ma tu sei molto più brava di me! Ho visto il video sulla nascita di tuo figlio... e mi sono commossa. Che bello... mi ha ricordato la nascita dei miei e la gioia nostra e dei nonni. Che bella famiglia!

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Jacob Hughes said...

looks gd.

how do you go about getting you're books published?

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