Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ThE MaRaThON**

It was an early start. We had to leave the house at 4:30a.m. to be there by 5.
Here I am in my delirious stupor sleepwalking to the start line.

I think this picture was taken as I approached mile 15, still smiling. I was smiling until about mile 22, then I thought I had died and gone to hell. At that point my body hated me. The last 5 miles felt like 15, I wanted to cry and scream and gnash my teeth. But I didn't.
I made it!

I had told myself that if I could finish in under 5 hours I would be happy, I finished in 4:06! really exciting. There were 181 women running the entire race and I placed 36th. I took walk breaks the first 20 miles and I think that really helped. Once I approached mile 21 I didn't take any more walk breaks, I knew I wouldn't be able to start running again if I started walking. I'm not sure if I will do one again any time soon, just thinking about doing it again makes me tired.

Today is my last day of school for the year! I'm looking forward to a long relaxing summer.
Just last week I got a couple of big commission, so that should keep me busy the month of June. I'm also teaching a couple weeks of summer school. Happy Wednesday.


Hannah said...

I am SO proud of you Tam, these pictures and the ones you sent are GREAT.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday evening.

PS Happy end of the school year!


Nick & Melissa said...

YAY TAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is an awesome time - and you are an awesome runner! So proud of you!

Anonymous said...

You are a rockstar!!! Your very first race and you finished that high?

You go girl!

amyabrink said...

the only conclusion i can come to is that you died after your marathon. that must be why you haven't posted a blog since. bummer. i liked you a lot.