Monday, November 24, 2008

FUn WeeKenD*

It was a busy busy weekend as usual, but I am so so excited to only have to go to work Monday and Tuesday. I love Thanksgiving.
Ducey is moving from Boulder to Lafayette (to be closer to work) to a super cute cute carriage house. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday helping her paint. The guy who lived there before her painted every wall really dark. Dark blue, dark Green, dark Brown, it was bad. So we painted away and really brightened things up. She is so good at creating fun color combos, I guess that's why she's an interior designer.
It was fun spending time with her, we had A LOT of time to talk. And her new little house is so adorable.
I got my haircut. I love it. It's very Ramona Quimby-ish. Perhaps the adult version of Ramona. And.. I spent the rest of my weekend with this BOy. I love him. He worked a bit and did a little work on the bathroom remodel. (I think the last time I posted a photo of him he was on the phone.)
He built me a fire last night, made me some spring rolls and poured me a glass of wine. It was a nice end to a great weekend.
And.. as for my EtSy UpDate that was supposed to happen this weekend... well.. it didn't.
But this week for sure.
Stay tuned and check back in, I've got some good stuff! Here's a little sneak peak.HaPpY MonDay!



Hi...I'm back dear!
You & Ramona Quimby have something in-common...adorable!! 'Home sweet home' is also on my mind lately...

~Great new week 2U*

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Cute hair! Totally adorable, I'd never be able to pull that off :P It's great to have an interior designer friend to give you color inspirations, isn't it? I love all the blue :)

Edleen said...

you DO look like Ramona Quimby! so adorable and so pretty :) i've got to find out more about her too..hehe

your Etsy goodies look great! so Creative :)

wishing you a fun and great week!