Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TuEsDAy alrEaDY*

I spent all weekend playing with this BoY. It's funny that this is the only pic I had of just him (from this weekend) when I was scrolling through pics on my camera this morning.We spent all day Saturday cleaning up the yard and wrapping things up for winter. I filled 10 massive trash bags full of leaves from just the front yard! I was super sore on Sunday. Saturday night we played darts with Joe and Christi. When I saw these photos I was dying laughing so I had to post them. They are so much fun. Christi and I taught together at Clyde Miller Elementary a couple of years ago, she's the best.
Joe's missing half an arm but can still throw darts with the best of us. Hee hee. Okay, he's really not missing a limb but it looks like it in this pic.And Sunday, I had coffee with the lovely Alexis. So cute.
And, last night I went to dinner with Duc and Lanka at my FAVORITE Vietnamese restaurant, Saigon Bowl. After dinner I did a little shopping at the Far East Market and scored these fantastic PLASTIC goodies. Perfect for Christmas.
Hope your week is going well,
HaPPy TueSdAY.


HINT Jewelry Design said...

Those red plastic dishes are fantabulous!

Anonymous said...

Your boy's cute!!!