Monday, April 20, 2009

More SnOw>>more PriNtinG.

It snowed like crazy at our house this weekend. Vito took these pics outside Friday night with the tripod and I didn't even mess with the color, these are straight out of the camera. So pretty, the lighting is so interesting. It was such a beautiful night.I spent all weekend inside and printed lots and lots dreamy things I can't wait to share. soon soon.We were also very very busy watching Clarence and Bernice take care of their new babies! That's right.. Bernice laid 5 eggs a couple of weeks ago and now she has 4 little inch long hairless birdies to feed. They are so tiny. We spent a lot of time peeking into the nest. I think Vito might take a couple to his office... anyone else need a finch or two??
Hope your weekend was restful. I only have 20 days left of school..eeekk!!


Nick and Melissa said...

your birds are sooooo cute!!! I didn't know you got them! Nick wouldn't let me get a bird, the chinchilla was ok though. I like him, so it's ok.

Danielle said...

Oh wow. isn't it gorgeous.


Beautiful darling!
What's up with the snow... we had heatwave here... the world has gone crazy it seems?! Happy Earthday by the way*

Edleen said...

love love the photos!!!

can't wait to see your new creations.
have a Fab Week :)