Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SummER, can't wait*

I met Deb at the Brew Hut last night, the weather was so warm and beautiful. The guys were brewing outside (notice the barrels of grain behind me, not my favorite smell.)I'm so looking forward to summer. From the looks of my drawing right now you'd think we were in the middle of July. I'm ready to be out for the summer, only 6 weeks of school left. EeeK! The end is in sight. HapPY WeDnEsdAY**


owen,tania,caleb,thaddeus, gideon,hannah said...

the end is in sight! i too am excited for summer:)

Anonymous said...

That site (and smell) is all too familiar. My boyfriend homebrews and also works at a brewery. Not the most pleasant smell, but I find sometimes it makes me hungry for cookies!

Danielle said...

your on the other side of the world waiting for summer and here I am praying for winter.

summer will be here before you know it.