Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is it ChRisTmas Yet?*

The Thanksgiving mini vacation was so nice. We were both home all week to spend time together and of course play with Matty's puppy. We took them for long walks in the morning so that they would sleep most of the day.
Taking them to the dog park was a little awkward. I was constantly feeling like some kind of drug dealer when calling for the dogs. "Cash...Kilo...come here..Cash... Kilo.."
We were getting looks.
So my call changed, "Cash...Puppy...Cash...Puppy.." not too successful.
Cash was so depressed when Kilo left, he spent two days lounging around, not even food interested him.

dogie walkie..

dogie sleepy..

We finished putting up all the Christmas junk over the weekend.
I haven't done a lick of shopping. I started making a few goodies but that's it so far.
it's been cool enough for afternoon/evening fires.. my favorite.

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Francis said...

Wish my tree looked this good! I always let mine get to dry. Can't wait to see you!!!!!