Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Our trip home was great. I finished knitting all but a sleeve on my sweater, went for a few long runs, rode 4-wheelers for miles and spent lots of time hanging around my parents new guest cabin. It was so beautiful.
Heather and Ali came on Wednesday and spent the rest of the week with us. V and Ali spent most mornings and evenings hunting. brrrr.. too cold for me.

While we were there my parents had a wood fireplace installed in the cabin and it was wonderful. I hadn't seen any pictures while they were building it so it was an extra treat to see it for the first time.

Our future cabin site,
we made lots of plans.

Nothing says love quite like matching flannel.

Off they go to get our turkey dinner. gobble gobble.

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Francis said...

Surprised to see the cabin on your blog. Haven't looked at your blog for awhile, if I had I would have seen your new hair cut. Good pics.