Friday, November 30, 2007

Santa Came EaRLy**

Anne Marie came over for a visit on Wednesday...
she came bearing an early Christmas gift,
a really good one.
She was so excited to give it to me she couldn't wait until Christmas.

Lets guess what it is...

"oh.. is it a nice warm winter hat..??"

"oops.. no it's a little cozy for my teapot...maybe.."

"oh wait.. could it possibly be a this seasons most stylish must have accessory!?

yes indeed! With this dreamy hat, I am sure to get more ooohs and aaahhs than ever before.
And no.. you cannot borrow it.


Cara said...

i like you
i miss you
i want to see you soon.

call call.

Francis said...

I have never seen a hat like this before in my life. It is so cute! It reminds me of the "The Little Tea Pot" song. Only you could wear that hat and get away with looking cute...