Friday, December 14, 2007

More BoXeS**and some Clay.

Ho Ho Ho
I'm still going at it.
It's a box blowout.

Only a few more to go and I'm done done done.

I am planning a Family Art Night at school for Tuesday night and sent flyers home with every student earlier in the week. I ordered some clay and thought it would be fun to have families make pinch pots. I want to raku fire them in a trash can over the holiday break.
But we have a problem..
150 people have R.S.V.P'd.
I thought maybe 20-30 students would respond...
nope. 150 people are coming. I think people go nuts for clay.
So my "relaxing" weekend has turned into a weekend of bagging clay into 150 zip-lock baggies. I've recruited 6 volunteers for the night and am starting to feel a little panicked.
yikes, yikes.

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darcy said...

Yikes! 150 peeps is a LOT but you'll have a great time and just think about how all the parents will be oh so impressed with you by the end of the evening. Little face "masks" slumped over balled up newspaper would be cool too. Can't wait to hear/see how it goes!