Friday, December 7, 2007

Warm Fire* Baked Spagetti*

Vito came home early last night, we(he)made dinner, built a fire and we watched a few episodes of LOST.
It's our new favorite show.
We are just finishing season one and I haven't quite decided if I really like it or if it's really corny. I'm leaning more towards corny but it is great entertainment.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I have tons of shopping/gift making to do, cookies to bake, laundry to do and a sweater to knit. As I'm typing this I'm wondering which two I will actually get a start at this weekend. I'm sure some hot chocolate and a good book could sidetrack me.
mmm... that actually sounds really nice, I think I'd prefer to get sidetracked. I could go for a cup of hot chocolate right now, a dobble of whip cream.

1 comment:

Cara said...

oooh, looks cozy and romantic!

if you need a festive sidetrack buddy, give me a call! i would love to do some hot cocoa or something cozy.