Thursday, July 10, 2008 MoRe little (BIG) thing....

I opened an ETSY shop this week!
..please come visit and tell everyone you know about it. I've been working on some new art for awhile and now want everyone to come see!

I'm selling prints of some of my new digital work.
I'm really happy with how they turned out.
So please please come visit!

Thank you!
Thank YOu!


construction loan said...

Oh my.. this is the best blog.

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Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

awesome!!!!! i will check out your etsy shop.

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

i am getting to re-do my bedroom and want some clean looking art like yours. once i get my plan in place i will be in touch.

cara harjes said...

i love your etsy shop times 1,000!!!!!
can't wait to see you soooon!

love you!

Lani Vento said...

What a fun blog...and thanks for starting an etsy shop. I love it.

Nick & Melissa said...

i love them, T!!!