Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I finished this little (big) painting for Vito yesterday and delivered it to his office. I didn't get to hang it because I couldn't find a hammer.
I tried using all sorts of interesting things trying to get that nail into the wall..
-the bottom of a glade glass candle jar (bad idea)
-this weird rock that Vito had on his bookshelf that started crumbling as soon as I started pounding.
-the heel of my dansko
I gave up.

Oh! and you should have seen me trying to get this thing in my tiny car.
Once I finally did Crisco it in, it took me ages to figure out how to tie down the hatch. Let me tell you, I couldn't find a bungee cord or any sort of string to save my life. So, I used the string from the weed-whacker.
Thank god my airbag didn't go off while I drove down I-25 because I was literally hugging my steering wheel. I've seen pictures of peoples black eyes from their airbag, I can only imagine what my face would have looked like.

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cara harjes said...


is this beautiful manifestation going to be replacing those pieces of, um . . . art . . . that are currently hanging in the conference room? you are my hero hero hero!