Thursday, March 12, 2009

CooK Tamara CoOk**

I've been trying to cook a bit more over the last few weeks.
I'm not that great at it.
I have a hard time knowing if something is seasoned right, if it needs more or less of this or that. I love baking so much (because it's so structured) and I really WANT to love cooking... but it's taking lots of practice. My husband on the other hand is an amazing cook, it comes so naturally to him. He's so good at it and he really loves doing it.
I'm hoping to have a dozen or so really yummy things I can make without needing a recipe .. it's actually been really fun experimenting. I think I'm getting a bit better, not great, but better.
HaPpy ThuRsDAY**


shane rocket said...

can you rent your hubby out to someone who only knows how to cook Mac&Cheese. I am alone most dinner times now since my better half is working nights so I am in need of a good cook!!! :)

The Three Ts said...

I can totally relate. I never know the timing for the main and side dishes. I too want to love cooking but so far it's not there! Hang in there my friend!