Tuesday, June 30, 2009


my new etsy shop! For the last few months I've been working on opening a new etsy shop where I sell my hand screen printed baby clothes and housewares.My friend AnneMarie has been getting them into quite a few stores around town, so I've been printing like a wild woman. I've screen printed more in the last two months than I EVER have, it's been really fun. Ordering onesies, bibs, mugs and glasses in bulk... it's been quite the adventure!So go check out my shop!
.. and tell all of your friends! If someone you know would like to carry my stuff, let me know, I'm now accepting wholesale orders. Thanks a lot for your support. :)


mairedodd said...

this looks terrific! congrats - lots of hard work went into it... wishing your new etsy baby the best luck... going to look right now ~

Groovie Ed said...

Congrats Tams!!! they look great :)