Friday, June 5, 2009

The MaraThON!*

We got home yesterday afternoon, we had such an amazing trip. My marathon was on Sunday morning in San Diego and the weather was perfect, cloudy and cool. I ran really well and took 15 minutes off of my time. 3:50.32.
I think running at sea-level was the ticket. It was a really great run.I was super sore and was walking like an old lady for a good 4 days after the run. :) but now I feel great.

We did so much in just a few days, it felt like we were gone for ages. We took a little boat trip.It was really beautiful.
We spent an afternoon at the beach, went wine tasting, took a long anniversary motorcycle ride.Celebrated our 3 year anniversary (that we almost forgot about) oopsie.Watched plenty of sunsets.Warmed by the fire and spent amazing time with friends.

Have a HapPY WeeKend!


Anonymous said...

I think I met you at a party once at Cara's house.
I love checking in with your blog to see what new adventures and art you are creating!
Also, I will be teaching elementary art this fall - we should talk!
P.S. I am passing on a blog award to you, details here:

mairedodd said...

incredible accomplishment! kudos to you... glad you got to kick back and enjoy afterwards!

Artfulife said...

Awesome job with the marathon, you are so amazing. Oh, and happy anniversary!

Hannah said...

My uncle just ran a marathon about a month ago, it's an amazing feat!