Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Finished Commission

I delivered these little beauties last night to a great couple who just built an amazing house close to downtown. Quite happy to say these little guys are one of the first few things hung on their freshly painted walls. Every part of their house is beautiful, even the elevator (yes, I just said elevator.)
These paintings are each 2ftx5ft and I wanted to just keep them for myself.
But I didn't
and here they hang.

Happy Wednesday.


Hannah said...

Tams! I LOVE the commission. It is really amazing. I can't believe I was in Mexico for one week and you did so many amazing thing on your blog.

I miss you much and hope your muscle gets better soon!


JOllyYouNgBRO said...

Cool pictures hope you made bank. mmmmm. How you doin...

Anonymous said...

Hey I know we talked last summer, but I think John and I are ready for you to do something for us. I just love these you did. I'll call you-