Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Good MoRnInG!

My BuM is Better.
That in itself is enough to post about.
I'm feeling about 85%.
Ran 8 on Saturday,5 yesterday.
And things are looking up. However, I need to run 12 this Saturday to catch myself up. Yikes! Double digits, that's almost a half-marathon.
I'm just taking it slow and steady.
Here is a little 'LoVe YoU' ditty I did last week.
Happy Tuesday.


Lisa said...

that "love you" painting (?) rocks! have you gotten your etsy up and running yet? :)

oh and as for labels...whew i dont think i'd be qualified for that task! i don't have photoshop, so i couldn't mass produce anything that looks the same...but my friend veronica's husband could! check out her etsy: vmilan.etsy.com
she's got some awesome tags that they crate...and i'm sure she would do some labels for ya!!

Anonymous said...

Dig the painting-

Uncle Vito

{{ ♥ jen o'dea street ♥ }} said...

hi there! you came across my blog a few wks ago...sorry its taken my so long to come by. been sick & stuff lol. thx for coming by though.

and your blog is cute too...love your art. you are very talented. i wish i could paint like that!

are you in denver? i go there every once in awhile to see my friend & go to concerts...wish more people would come to the springs too lol.

so nice to "meet" ya...and i'll be back! =)

ps---very cool that your hubby made wine...wish my hubby would lol. lucky you!