Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I tried running last night at the gym, didn't work so well.
It will be two weeks tomorrow and I'm starting to feel a bit nervous about loosing too much ground. I walked a few miles on Saturday but am already about 40 miles behind schedule and I really really don't want to have to run a different race. I'm going to rest one more week and see if it's better. If not... i'll kiss my marathon goodbye. whhhaaaaaaa whaaa (whining and crying).
Hopefully things will work out and I'll get myself back on track.

I made this little 'HellO' dity on the computer last week. I'm thinking I might print it to make some cards.
Happy Tuesday.

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Francis said...

Hey girl! is your hair really short? have not seen you in awhile and thought your pic below was not showing the true you. love all your art work. got a little cabin in my office that you burned, is still neat. cool stuff!
miss ya