Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome Odell Hawkins Brink!

Sorry for the crazy long delay... we're home!
Meet Odell Hawkins Brink
born 2/22/11 10:41 am 7lbs 13oz and 21 inches long. 11 days overdue! The last 5 days have been such a blur.. but it's been really great. Odell has been so sweet and I spend most the day just starring at him.

I went in to get induced but ended up having him natural. Wow.. what an amazing experience.
I labored for 10 hours, pushed for 2 and he came out sunny side up. It took 3 Dr.'s an hour to stitch me up from tearing from front to back. ouchie. I also pushed so hard I gave myself two bloodshot black eyes and have broken capillaries all over my face. I didn't know you could give yourself black eyes from pushing. But make no mistake, the moment he came out and was placed on my chest it made it all worth it. All of it... every single bit of it. The infertility, the tears, the In-Vitro,the overdue pregnancy and the hard natural labor, all of it. I'd do it again tomorrow and it was the hardest thing I've ever done. WAY harder than my first marathon but oh so much more rewarding.
My parents are here helping and they have been a life saver. Doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, shopping.. really great. They leave on Monday and just thinking of them not being here makes me teary. I think things are going to feel a lot harder.We've had a couple of fussy nights but overall he's a reallyl happy baby. His first night home was rough for me... he cried for a couple of hours late at night and I couldn't do anything to make it stop. Vito came into the nusery to find me holding Odell crying just as hard as he was. It was such a helpless feeling. Vito eventually got him to fall asleep and once I fell asleep I felt much better after a nap the next day.

I'm learning so much. Learning so much about myself... about babies, about my husband, my family and little Odell. It's quite the instant lifestyle change, but it feels good.


Debra Bonson said...

Tamara... He is SO beautiful. What a trooper you are! Congratulations. Enjoy your new bundle of joy! xo

mairedodd said...

yay! he is so beautiful! congratulations to you all... 4 recommendations after having 3 kids -
1 - wear that baby - get a sling not a front carrier...
2 - the baby book by dr. william sears
3 -
and you sleep when baby sleeps - at least for a while! taking care of a baby is exhausting (and rewarding) work...

Hannah said...

Wow Tam! What a beautiful post. Now that your parents are gone know that I am here and will do anything to help!

Love you and can't wait to meet baby Odell!


Danielle said...

Oh my wow. His gorgeous. Perfect husband material for Violet. Does he like older girls. Congrats Mummy x

alex said...

wow.. so cute.. he is so small.. hope he grow healthy...

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Katie Kreis said...

What a sweet post, Tamara. I have tears in my eyes. It makes me think of Jack's first few days. Wow... it's amazing how fast it goes. Good for you for doing it natural. Like you said, all the pain is so worth it. Congratulations on your beautiful gift from God.

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