Saturday, July 28, 2007

First fruits.. and some more goodies.

Well, yesterday I picked the first ripe tomato from the garden. It's not the largest tomato I've ever seen but quite quite tasty. We picked off the last head of lettuce, picked a few ripe peppers and a ton of basil. Vito made a yummy pesto sauce with all of the basil, I ate it by the spoonful it was so good. For dinner he made some yummy pesto gnocchi with peppers, sausage and of course, the yum yum tomato. My dinner pic doesn't look as good as it tasted but it was such a fun treat and tasted deliciously fresh.

However, tragedy has struck the garden. Four of our six tomato plants have the black plague (at least that's what I'm calling it). The tomatoes have a black bottom, I think it's the tomato's version of Aids. I have no idea what's happening, but it's SPREADING. Each plant has grew a good 12-15 tomatoes that are now BLACK on the bottom, we've got a lot of casualties. I don't know how to save the "good ones" or if it's even possible. This one little delicacy we picked yesterday might be our only survivor. Help me, please! Any suggestions!?


John ate Peyote said...

Are the Tomatoe's using protection? Do they make condoms in that size?

Cara said...

i love gniochi
i had it a few times on our honeymoon . . .
do you buy it or make it?
i have never bought or made it but would love to!
too bad it has a few carbohydrates
and my husband is perpetually on the atkins diet.

tams said...

It's very yummy.
Vito makes it from scratch.
Boils the potatoes, rolls out each little dumpling on his own.
I just watch and enjoy.
It's not horrible for you, just think of it as eating a baked potato.
A bit starchy I suppose.