Monday, July 16, 2007


Yesterday while Vito was downstairs demolishing the bathroom I found a cigar box in the basement and decided to paint instead of help. I did start to help, I scraped a good 2'x2' square of wallpaper off of the wall. Then I decided it would be more fun to paint.

Also while I was down there I found a little Ziploc bag full of 1" square blocks that I stayed up late painting on. In the picture they look quite large, but they actually all fit on a piece of paper. They are so small that it was hard to get a good picture, I think they would look good in a shadow box of some sort.

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Cara said...

what the heck! girl, you are SO stinking good! i LOVE these wooden blocks so much.

and i heard about that happy hour too! :)
it all depends on whether or not we have made decent headway painting the ENTIRE upstairs of our rental house next door by then (we are having the floors redone and need to get the paint finished before then!)