Monday, September 1, 2008

HappY LaBor Day.

Here's a pic of the tomatoes I picked from the garden yesterday. Vito made a yummy pasta dinner using a few of them. Our corn and carrots should be ready really soon, can't wait for that.

Yesterday we went up to Golden with Herb and Cara and did some tubing down the river. We filled our Nalgene's full of adult beverages in hopes of being able to sip our drinks and gently float down the river and enjoy the scenery .
Didn't happen.
Before the first run, we stashed the Nalgene's in the bushes because the water was way too intense for a one handed hang on. No relaxing float.. more like a 'grip the tube for your life and hope to make it to the bottom with swimsuit attached and limbs still intact.'
It was way intense.
so so fun.
We are planning another trip next Sunday, anyone want to come?

Also, I had a little fun photo shoot with Cara on Saturday. Vito is buying me a camera for my birthday so I wanted to play with Herb and Cara's and see how I liked it. It was awesome.
I'm going to post some pics tomorrow once I finish editing them. She was such a great model.

HaPPy LaBor DaY.

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Edleen said...

Happy Labor Day!

and oh my! look @ those Yummy tomatoes! my fave!!! :D