Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WedNesdAY** already!

This week seems to be flying by.. *i love that*
..except I have lots of things I should be working on and have barely started.
I guess life always feels like that though.
We checked out a new Japanese restaurant last night with Steph and Matty.
Here's our "waiting on the porch for him to get here" pic.
All I want to do now with my new camera is take pictures of everything! It's pretty bad when I'm walking the dog with the camera around my neck. I love it so much!
I realize everyone who has a dog thinks their dog is the cutest.. but seriously.. how can you not love THIS dog! He is the cutest dog I've ever laid eyes on. I think he's starring at a squirrel in this pic.. when he sees a squirrel he gets this strange look in his eye, as you can see. frozen solid. oh, and, because the most accessible thing for me to take pictures of is myself... I've got lots of these. I need to figure out how to get my arms out of the picture so that it "appears" to be someone else taking it. ..then it wouldn't look (and feel) as vain. mwah haa haa.HaPPy WedneSdAY.


Mon Petit Lapin said...

Great colours in your photos - have you whacked up the contrast? I love that effect!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Ha! I'm afraid I'm not one to ask about keeping hands clean, I get paint everywhere! And I quite enjoy it, makes me feel like a 'proper artist' ;) I try everything out on my apron so that gets covered too. I have found glueing my lino stamps onto acrylic keeps things a bit tidyier - we were lucky to find a load been thrown away in a skip! Otherwise hmm surgeons type latex gloves?! I use foam rollers to apply the acrylic paint which isnt too messy. What have you been printing?

Claire, said...

Those pictures are adorable, and beautiful!!
I'm trying cameras out, I'm dying for a new one. What camera are you using, if you don't mind my asking? Trés jolie!

Claire, said...

OH! A canon, we've been leaning toward canon. My husband who has worked with cameras (studied film/animation/video) always used canon (now he has a real job, no camera : ).
Currently I use a canon power shot, it's my first camera ever. But last week I got to try a nikon d300, I'm lame so far but my husband is a great teacher and very patient.
I can see why you are so excited to take pictures, you take beautiful ones. You are adorable and make good subjects!


...heehee I think my dogs are the cutest (I have my 5 k9 babies, count that 5! hee!) Gosh,keep me busy & entertained. Anyhow, want to compliment your eyes! the color is gorgeous... Hope to see u again in my side of the neighborhood
blog-ck! You guys have a lovely Thursday ok! I know time really flies!! hee!