Thursday, September 18, 2008


The girls at work and I decided to start taking a *taP* dance class a few weeks ago.
Last night was our third class.
Having 8 girls that you work with all clicking away on the dance floor is by far the funniest way to end my Wednesday work day. It is such a blast.
I'm learning a lot and laughing a lot.
The best part, end of the year talent show. That's right folks we're going to shake a leg in front of an audience.
and... Pictures! If you've ever been in a dance class before you know what pictures I'm talking about, I can already see it in my mind. I have a box full of them at home..
jazz hands, sequence, and bad makeup. can't wait!
HappY ThursdAY*



ohhh... I want to tap-tap-tap too,
wonder if u r nervous infront of an audience...I think I'll wet my pants (sorry too much info)


cara harjes said...

this makes my day!
absolutely makes my day!

i love that you are doing this!